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Doug and Svetlana Day are absolutely wonderful. They are true miracle workers. They are trust worthy, family oriented and are just the best people to have in your corner whether it’s for simple tax preparation or for tax litigation. They are the best at what they do and are the utmost professionals.

Tanya Roberson

Us discount taxes and insurance are the most reliable people there is in Augusta Georgia for any of your tax needs. And for any behind taxes he can help you out with a payment plan look him up they’re awesome people

Pat Bargeron

Doug and Svetlana Day, does my husband’s business taxes and our personal does very good job! Been with them 6 Years. If you have TAX TROUBLE, THEY CAN HELP!!!

Diane Fitzgerald

We are with Doug and Svetlana for 14 years. They are trustworthy, respectful and professional people! We are satisfied and planning to continue!

Anna Sanchez

They always provide excellent service and advice. I refer anyone I meet with tax problems to them no matter what state they live in!

Carl Hurd

Highly professional service. Helped me a lot.

Denis Korolenko

I would like to thank Doug and Svetlana Day for all the hard work they have done on resolving my tax problem. They have saved us more than $140,000.00 in taxes. It was not a overnight fix but they will never give up on you. They were a GOD Send to us. Anyone with tax problems should contact them. Great people.

William Kervin

We contacted Douglas Day in January 2008 to help us with IRS tax issues for our personal business and also 2 corporate entities we own. Doug has been there for us 24/7 ever since. He has worked diligently on our case as if it were his own. He has held the IRS at bay so that we could continue to operate our businesses without the threat of levies and asset seizure. Doug has also helped us reach a settlement with the IRS on many issues and had penalty and interest charges removed. We even received cash refunds from the IRS of penalty and interest charges that we had paid earlier.
Doug will do you a professional job and will always have your best interest at heart.

Thank you,
Brian and Tammy Cain, Girard, GA

testimonials__element27US Discount & Tax is not only a SUCCESSFUL & LEGITIMATE company, but Doug and Svetlana Day are amazing people who truly look after and HELP their clients! In a world and time where people are facing serious money problems, IRS tax issues, and personal finance questions…it is difficult to actually find REAL HELP that isn’t a SCAM or LIE. We tried two other sources for help regarding taxes and personal finance before coming to Doug, and were sadly disappointed to find out our MONEY had been taken without any real results or help in RETURN!!! Doug helped us find solutions to our IRS PROBLEMS when we thought there were NONE! He and Svetlana are more than just professional and dependable though; they treat us like family and always make us feel at ease. We now use Doug for ALL OUR FINANCIAL NEEDS! We go straight to him in order to file our taxes every year, for personal financial planning, and for business advice with our LLC. We have seen Doug’s amazing ability to find answers and REAL solutions no matter how difficult the crisis. In my opinion, his experience and expertise is UNMATCHED in comparison to others who CLAIM to help with financial and/or IRS problems! HE WALKS THE TALK AND KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING!

We truly don’t know what we would have done without US Discount & Tax, and thanks to them, we now feel HOPEFUL for our family’s future. Doug and Svetlana have been NOTHING but a blessing in our lives and we are SO thankful to call them friends!

The Collins Family (Clayton, Melanie, Abigail, and Avery), Columbia, SC

U.S. Discount and Tax stopped my garnishments from the IRS. They got the IRS off of my back where I owed roughly $60,000. U.S. Discount and Tax got me Status 53 “Non-Collectable Status” where I pay the IRS $0. They also removed my garnishments placed by South Carolina Dept. of Revenue and set me up on payment plan where I pay less than $260 a month. And I didn’t have to give U.S. Discount $5,000 down like the other tax resolution places. I am very happy with their services and will continue to use U.S. Discount and Tax for taxes and any other problems I may have in the future. U.S. Discount does what they say they are going to do.

David T. Welch, North Augusta, SC

testimonials__element30I am a self-employed musician who had not paid taxes in about 7 years. I was getting harassing letters from the IRS and South Carolina Dept. of Revenue. Douglas Day got me compliant with the IRS and I even got a refund back for one year and he made it affordable for me to catch up on my past tax liabilities with the IRS and the SC DOR. Also, Douglas Day was able to get me a 60-day extension on my 2009 tax liability payment. Douglas Day is a great guy and I will always let him prepare my taxes.

Jonathan Johnson, North Augusta, SC

GA Dept. of Revenue garnished my bank account. I owed $20,380 to the IRS for multiple tax years. I contacted Douglas Day because I felt that the IRS would also garnish my bank account. Douglas Day got me Status 53 “Non-Collectible Status” and I pay the IRS $0. I would definitely recommend Douglas Day to other people that may have tax issues.

Ralph Johnston, Augusta, GA

Having tax problems are more common than you think. They can range from your miscalculations to the IRS’s miscalculations. They can even be gross errors by the state or federal tax agency. My problem was a gross error by the State of Louisiana.

For a period of six months, I visited Louisiana, but never worked there. Four years later, Louisiana sent me an income tax bill for $8,000. I tried to explain to them that I was never employed in the state. I even sent them copies of my state and federal taxes (state of Texas.) But, they insisted that I was employed there. They had no record of my employment. I was distraught; I did not know what to do.

A friend suggested that I contact Douglas Day at US Discount Tax & Ins Ctr. I provided Mr. Day with all the documents that I had and the problem was resolved within 3 weeks. I have been with Mr. Day and US Discount Tax & Ins Ctr ever since and that has been over 3 years.

To assist, resolve, solve or fix your tax problems, you must first contact someone that is competent and trustworthy.
Mr. Day and US Discount Tax & Ins Ctr is not a seasonal tax service like those that start advertising in January and use temporary hires to fill in the blanks on your tax forms. And for sure US Discount Tax & Ins is not your brother-in-law who will do your taxes because he is a relative. US Tax service is a full time year round service that will assist you with your taxes and provide consultations in the process.

The level of your income is not important at US Tax Service. What is important at US Tax service is that you pay your share of taxes as required by the law and that all tax codes are applied to ensure that is all you pay.

Larry Douglas, Augusta, GA

When seeking tax help, you need to ask yourself two questions.

1.Will the work actual get done?
2.Will the work actually be done correctly?

With Doug Day and Associates you can answer both of these questions with a resounding “yes!”
My Story:
After working with several tax professionals, including a tax attorney and one of those fax relief firms you see on T.V. nightly, I was in no better condition with my tax situation. In an effort to avoid levy and other nasty IRS actions, I met with a bankruptcy attorney. A retainer was paid and paperwork started toward a chapter 7 bankruptcy filing (this was recommended by my tax attorney).

Before filing for bankruptcy protection, I received a note in the mail from Doug Day indicating that he could help me. I thought, “hey, I got my team of experts assembled, why does this guy think he can help me”, and placed the letter in my shredder pile. Within days my door bell rang and I was greeted with the smiling face of an IRS agent who was stopping by, without an appointment, to meet with me. This was disconcerting, to say the least.

After my visit with the IRS, I decided to call Doug to see what his thoughts were. I figured the call was free, so why not? From this short call I learned:

1.Bankruptcy would not resolve my issues and, in fact, would make matters worse.
2.I had paid lots of money to a tax attorney which had not help my situation at all.

Needless to say, I was not very happy, but I felt that Doug could help me get my issues resolved. That was 18 months ago and we are approaching the final stages of settlement WITHOUT any of those nasty IRS events happening to me!
I would encourage you to make the call! You’ll be glad you did.

Carl Hurd, North Augusta, SC

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