Meet Our Team

About Syrtisyna-Day & Associates

Meet Our Team

Douglas M Day , EA. Founder & CEO

Dr. Svetlana Syritsyna-Day  Office Manager

Site News:  Coming Soon! Our longest case, lasting almost 3.5 years! A local farming family (Husband, wife, 4 children) were subject to IRS multi-year audits; avoided Conviction of Felony Tax Evasion & Civil Fraud and possibly Prison time by hiring our firm.  IRS was defeated and Forced to Pay our clients over $80,000 in Refunds. See complete details Soon…

Syritsyna-Day & Associates DBA/USD Inc. (US DISCOUNT TAX & INS CTR. INC.,) is a Georgia state corporation located in the CSRA (Central Savannah River Area) Licensed to proudly serve customers throughout the United States.

We are a family business, held to the highest standard of quality service, integrity, and performance. Our staff is a powerful team with extensive experience in Tax Law, Federal Rules of Evidence, Tax Court Practices & Procedure & Ethics, to reduce or elimination of your IRS and State Tax Liabilities.


Our CEO, Douglas M Day EA/RIA has over 20 years of experience, holds 13 licenses, including licensing from the United States TreasuryEnrolled to Practice before the IRS!

Our CEO sat before the US Tax Court Practioner (USTCP) Exam November/2016 after attending over 2 years of Law, Substantive Federal Taxation, US Tax Court Practices & Procedure & Ethics with one our Nation’s leading instructors of USTCP Practioner’s Services. He works with numerous Tax Attorneys & Bankruptcy Attorneys, this allows us to keep your costs low and use all available remedies to reach the goals of our clients in resolving their tax issues.

What is a USTCP?

A United States Tax Court Practioner. An individual who must pass a difficult written examination given by the TAX Court. Once the Exam is passed & the individual is sworn in, he receives an ABA # & becomes an Officer of Tax Court, licensed to “Petition, Present & Defend” taxpayer’s case in Federal Tax Court and offer “Protection” from certain types of “Government Compelled Discovery.” AKA “Attorney-Client Privilege”

In LARGE Cases with intrusive IRS agents, our CEO obtains assistance from the US Congress, TIGTA (Federal Internal Affairs or Secret Service), State Internal Affairs, and TAS to hold the Federal and State Tax Authorities compliant to their laws as he Upholds your RIGHTS to bring justice and fairness to Your case.

We offer Protection of your Income & Assets when possible as we tackle your tax problem as if it were our own. We are extremely thorough, proud & diligent in our work and won 100’s of cases, Defending Corporations and Individuals who have been charged with Tax Evasion, Civil Fraud and other charges by IRS and State Agents. We are confident that you will witness this pride and diligence immediately upon hiring our firm.

We Defend Incarcerated Taxpayers: We have Represented Taxpayers who hire us from Jail or Federal Prison after Tax Authorities Incarcerated them. Actions We Initiated!  We Halted Further Seizures of their homes, bank accounts and assets, then protected those assets for years, until the Taxpayer’s were eventually released from Federal Prison and returned back to society.

We are proud to be awarded & hold for many years this prestigious “A+” rating by the Better Business Bureau!

Members of: NAEA (National Association of Enrolled Agents)GAEA (Georgia Association of Enrolled Agents.

Every year millions of Americans receive notices from the IRS, which can include: Levies/seizures of bank account balances; Wage, Social Security and Retirement Garnishments, Georgia tax liens, and Audit Examination notices. When you receive letters from the IRS it is time to seek Professional HELP!


If we accept your case and depending on the facts of your case, we will:

          • Protect! You and your assets from IRS & State revenue agencies when you engage our services
          • Halt! Wage, Contractor compensation, Social Security/Garnishments & Bank Account Seizures
          • Appear! To your Court Ordered IRS Summons, on your behalf, so do not have to.
          • Analyze! Then compose Your Case to reduce or eliminate your tax liabilities entirely
          • Communicate! With the IRS & State DOR’s on your behalf, since “Anything You Say Will be used Against You!”
          • Consult! With Your Bankruptcy Attorney to evaluate discharge ability of your tax liabilities
          • Audit! IRS past Examinations & past tax returns to reduce your tax liabilities
          • Abate! (Remove) IRS & state Penalties
          • File! Delinquent Tax Returns to reduce your tax liability and remove SFR’s
          • Resolve! Your Payroll Tax & Sales Tax Problems
        • Represent! You during IRS & State DOR Audits, so your exempt from Discoverable Interrogations
        • Set Up! low IRS or State DOR Installment Agreements
        • Tax liens! Withdrawn to Restore Your Credit
        • With all of our services, you will receive professional, “Customer Priority” service


Take the IRS on by Yourself/Self-Representation?….
“Anything you say Will be used Against YOU!”

What makes us unique?
We are not one of the many “Offer Houses” that Advertise Nationally on TVPhone or Direct MailWe Do the WORK!

Our CEO & powerful staff are solely dedicated to the resolution of your Federal & State tax liabilities. We are a smaller, more organized “Customer Priority” company that is not restricted to the “Standard Procedure” mandates of our larger competitors who prioritize their income producing bottom-line instead of the customer’s tax problems. With us, each customer’s case is carefully analyzed for all options available and customized to address all issues of their total tax liabilities.